How Much Do Bloggers Make? Like, Really?

Professional blogger, huh?

You can really make money doing that?

And how much are bloggers making in 2020? (Isn’t blogging dead?)

We can understand if these questions are bouncing around in your brain because they were bouncing around in ours when we started.

And we still get asked these questions a LOT when we tell people we are professional bloggers.

we think that most regular people think of bloggers as people that write on the internet for fun — just a hobby that they do in their spare time.

They don’t think of it as a job or that you can make real money blogging.

To strangers, blogging sounds like a hobby. To friends and family, it sounds like unemployment.

We could have been offended… But I just chuckled a bit.

We don’t get that being a professional blogger has some seriously insane perks:

  • Setting your own schedule and working whenever you want
  • Working from wherever you want (we’ve traveled the world while still working!) #digitalnomadlife
  • Control over your income (a chance to scale your income to six or seven figures)
  • It will challenge you and enable you to learn tons of new skills, including how to run and manage your own business.
  • It will make you a better writer, which has been proven to make you a better thinker.

Alex Nerney

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